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Elite Application Support

Ivy League Consulting

Our Strengths 

Full Support

Ivy offers support on every step of the graduate school and MBA application process. Our à la carte services and full support packages include counseling by Zoom, Skype or email to develop strong content for your application documents and unlimited editing email. In addition to comprehensive support on your application documents, our full support packages include counseling on exam preparation, guidance for selecting appropriate schools, interview training, and advice on other key aspects of the preparation process. As your experienced partner, we can help you with even the tiniest parts of your application and the most unique requests. For example, if your programs require video essays, we can write and edit your script and train you to deliver it effectively. If English is not your first language, we can translate your documents from your native language.

Free First Counseling


Get Advice from a Graduate of Your Top Choice School

Established in 2001, Ivy has supported over 1,600 clients applying to graduate school and MBA programs. Now, a generation later, many of our former clients hold top leadership positions in major corporations and government organizations. To further contribute to our clients' graduate school preparations, we have created an opportunity for current clients to directly communicate by email with a former client who attended their top choice school. For instance, you can contact an Ivy alum who attended elite programs like Harvard Kennedy School, Berkeley Goldman School or Wharton, and many others to seek guidance about recommended professors, classes, extracurricular activities, housing options, student networks, and more. This opportunity is available free of charge to clients using one of our full support packages and for an additional fee to clients using à la carte services. If you are interested, please ask your consultant if a former client is available for your target school.

Elite Results


Your success is our mission. In over 20 years as Japan’s leading bespoke graduate school admissions consulting company, we have helped over 1,600 clients enter top graduate school and MBA programs. Since our founding, 95% of clients who earned the required scores on standardized tests have been admitted, and over 90% were admitted to top-tier schools. See detailed results here


Flexible Support

For each consulting session, you are free to choose between Zoom and Skype or, if you are busy, to work with your consultant by email only. And clients can choose flexibly between full support packages and à la carte services. For example, you can choose our Graduate School Full Support and add à la carte support for your recommendations (with your recommender's permission). Or you can choose to receive à la carte support for your essays and resume only. Ivy's support has no time limit. You can use any support you request until you are admitted, even if you postpone your application by one or more years. We know our clients are busy professionals and offer counseling at night and on weekends.

Free First Counseling

High Satisfaction

Ivy carefully monitors client satisfaction both during our work together and after support is completed. According to our detailed customer satisfaction surveys, Ivy's consultants have earned an average customer satisfaction score of 3.6 out of 4.0 points. More than 96% of clients report that they are satisfied with the quality of the support provided. Thanks to the satisfaction and trust of our clients, 78% of new clients come through referrals from colleagues or friends. Read testimonials here.

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