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Elite Application Support

Ivy League Consulting

In our free first counseling, gain valuable advice and meet an Ivy consultant

In Ivy's Free First Counseling, You Can:

Learn admissions strategies
After learning about your background and goals, our experienced consultant will offer valuable strategies for gaining admission to your top choice schools.

See a clear preparation schedule
Our consultant will propose a clear preparation schedule based on your target program, schools, and current preparation status.

Ask questions 
In both free first counseling and our regular support, we always welcome your questions.

Learn about Ivy's support
We will briefly introduce our support and answer any questions you have.

Free First Counseling Request

Counseling medium
How did you learn about Ivy League Consulting?

Thank you for requesting free first counseling. We will contact you by email within one day to arrange a convenient day and time.

Free First Counseling Testimonial

Screenshot 2023-06-15 at 3.29.00 PM.png

“Thank you very much for the valuable information provided during the initial free consultation. I truly appreciate it. I am committed to putting in even more effort from now on to increase my chances of being accepted into a top school. Choosing Ivy was definitely the right decision, and I am confident in the path I have chosen. I am excited to receive further advice and guidance from Ivy as I progress step by step with my application preparations. Once everything is in place and I feel fully prepared, I will confidently submit my application. Thank you again for your support.”

K(Occupation: graduate student, Target graduate program: environmental science, Top-choice schools: MIT, Cornell, etc.)

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